Dear Friends

Most churches have a patron saint. Ours, as I'm sure you know, is the Blessed Virgin Mary, who is arguably the most important saint as she consented to God's plan and brought forth Jesus, the Saviour of the world. Technically, her birthday, or nativity, is celebrated on 8 September each year but as it mostly doesn't fall on a Sunday we move it to the nearest Family Communion Sunday, which this year is 2 September. Our visiting preacher at the 1O.OOam service that day is a young priest, Fr Toby Boutle, who is Curate at St George's Church in Whyke. I'm sure he will have interesting and inspiring things to say, and I do hope you'll all come along to hear him and to join in the celebration of our patronal festival.

The Office hymn of the day (ie the hymn which is said or sung at Morning or Evening Prayer) is particularly apt for a parish so near to the sea: 'Ave Maris Stella' - 'Hail, O Star that pointest towards the port of heaven, thou to whom as maiden God was given. '

A happy and joyful September to you all.